It’s getting closer…


The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines grateful as: “Feeling or showing thanks to someone for some helpful act.”

My heart overflows with gratitude for so many beautiful people who have been a part of this journey with me. Two years and three months of needing so much help from so many. “Thank you” doesn’t seem adequate enough. I am very blessed and it is not lost on me.

I have now met with my Orthopedic surgeon, and I am ready to move ahead with the aspiration. The aspiration procedure is fairly straightforward: they remove fluid or tissue from the hip and femur to ensure there is no bacteria or infection. It takes about 7-14 days for the results to come back.

If those results come back clear, we can move ahead with the big surgery! Infectious Disease (ID) requested to see me as well during this visit, which always makes me nervous. I hear “Infectious Disease” and I cringe!

Generally, ID doctors help manage difficult, unusual, or complicated infections. Previously, my conversations with ID had consisted of needing a PICC line, so I braced myself to hear those dreaded words… for the third time in two years!

Guess what, folks? I was pleasantly surprised! My conversation was quite different this time. The expectation is that I will NOT need another PICC line! The ID doctor  just wanted to check in so that we are all on the same page for the surgery, as to what antibiotics I will need during my surgery and throughout my hospital stay. PHEW!!

Of course, if I do need another PICC line, I am prepared for it! Whatever it takes to make this surgery a success, I am in!

It’s getting closer, friends. The big surgery is right around the corner. Walking again after almost two and a half years… what will that feel like?!

Wearing a shoe?! Driving… oh, driving – how I have missed you so! FREEDOM. Going back to work! Living my life again…

There have been many lessons learned throughout this journey. One thing that I will say to you is this: Stay positive during a trying time in your life. Don’t ever give up hope!

There will be long and dark days where you want to scream that it’s too much. That’s normal and it’s OK. Scream and cry because it’s good to get it out.

Always remember that tomorrow is a new day filled with new hope. Hang in there and rely on your family and friends to get you through the tough days.

As I have said before, life is a beautiful journey. Embrace it. Find the lessons in the darkest of days.

Tell me, what one word describes you at this moment? Grateful, that’s my word. 

Until next time, be well and go out and do a random act of kindness.



Photo – my own. In case you couldn’t tell.




Major Progress!


It is June already?! How did that happen?! This year is flying by, friends!

I met with my plastic surgeon last week and I am happy to announce that my foot is healed!

For two years, I had a hole in my foot. At one point, my Achilles tendon was exposed, I had osteomyelitis (infection in the bone), several surgeries, and now…my foot is healed. This is pretty amazing!

Between my vascular surgeon clearing the blockage and keeping the blood flowing, and my plastic surgeon performing several surgeries while recommending hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy, they pretty much performed a small miracle. Dr. Guzman and Dr. Iorio, y’all ROCK! Thank you!!

Having spent so much time with these surgeons, and now at the point when I no longer need to see them on a regular basis, it is a weird feeling. I am relieved and grateful for what they have done, but in a strange way, it’s a little…what’s the word I am searching for? Scary? Unsettling?

Maybe that sounds silly, but I had gotten into a routine of seeing these surgeons every two to four weeks. That created a sense of comfort, knowing they are ensuring nothing is wrong. I felt the same way when I had my last visit with my nurse.

My doctors must think I am losing my marbles when they notice that my eyes are tearing up as we discuss moving forward to the next step. This is great news, so why do I feel so emotional? The answer of course, is because the next step is the big surgery. Gulp. Inhale. Exhale.

I now move forward with my Orthopedic team. The big surgery is the hip/joint replacement and megaprosthesis of the femur. It was one thing to know I needed it. But for a long time, that procedure was somewhere off in the future.  Now, we are almost at that point. Gulp. Inhale. Exhale.

Before we can proceed, my doctors and I need to figure a few things out. For example, it has been more than two years since I walked on my leg. After surgery, weight-bearing is important. However, that will be a wee bit tricky.

I haven’t put a shoe on in two years! (Did I mention that I haven’t walked on my leg in two years?) With my atrophied muscles, this will not be an easy task! Rehab will be an intense process. While I am up for the challenge, I know it will be…frustrating. Difficult.

When I have those there-is-no-way-in-hell-I-will-walk-again days, I need to remember that I have been endured a tremendous number of medical procedures (20 and counting) already. I’m still here, and I will NOT give up! Ever!

We all go through trials and tribulations. It is how we respond that matters. And this girl is ready!

I am ready to have this behind me. Ready to walk again and get my life back.

I look forward to driving again; going for a walk with my Livy Goose; working; traveling, and maybe perhaps dating.

For now, my focus is on getting through surgery first!

Please share a few words of encouragement on how to stay focused during the frustrating days I know are ahead. Thank you!

Until next time, be well and go out and do a random act of kindness.