Apparently, I am quite the talker under anesthesia!



Imagine this – surgery goes well and I am wheeled to the PACU, coming out of anesthesia. The nurse asks how I am feeling. Of course I proceed to tell her and every single person in the PACU how much I love and miss my daughter. I go on to say that she is my best friend. Over and over again.

Nothing awkward about that, right?

I mean, sure, the nurse was probably more worried about how my leg was feeling having just been ripped open, but, why talk about that?!

Julie arrives on scene (think of this like a movie set – such drama) and I start crying, big tears – BIG tears, while I tell her the same thing. I keep repeating (as I am crying) that I love her so much and she is my best friend. Gilmore Girls style. I keep saying how much I miss her and Olivia.

She is sweet as can be and tells me she loves me too. They tell her she needs to go back to the waiting room and I start saying that I don’t feel safe and too many people are talking about my surgery. Okay. I have had 21 surgeries here – how can I NOT feel safe?!

My amazing friend who is a nurse practitioner comes in to see how I am doing so of course I proceed to tell her how much I love her and that I am so grateful she is my friend. I also tell her I don’t feel safe. Being the kind soul that she is, she reassured me that I am safe and my friends are all here to care for me.

My Orthopedic surgeon who just fixed my hip and leg (a huge surgery she just preformed) comes in and I ask her if she wants to be my best friend. She is pretty awesome, so why not?! OMG!

Apparently I demand that the nurse page my plastic surgeon, (who was just with me in surgery and pieced my skin back together) because why wouldn’t I? He gets there and I ask him why can’t we go out for a beer and I tell him he eats too much candy. Everybody does this I am sure!

OMG please make me stop! Please make me stop talking!

This all seems really normal, right??!!!

I hear all of this from a PACU nurse, to make things worse. She wanted to check on me and to let me know how funny I was. OH.MY.GAWD. Funny??

The last few surgeries, anesthesia has been lingering with me and this time, well, who the heck knows what happened but clearly I am a talker.

For two nights in a row before surgery, I had these weird dreams where I was in heaven looking down at one of my surgeons as he was receiving an award for his work. In my dream, there were a lot of pink clouds everywhere. When I was trying to wake up from anesthesia, I don’t remember actually seeing or talking to the above mentioned folks, but I remember that I was fighting to get through the pink clouds.

This surgery weighed heavily on my mind and I was terrified of it but I knew I needed it. I think maybe I was dreaming about some interesting things and was just scared. That sounds logical. I will go with that!

The surgery went well. They gave me a new hip and joint and replaced more than half of my femur. I now have my height back. My orthopedic surgeon said my plastic surgeon moved a few things around and my “butt” looks really good now. Seriously, that is what she said! Here’s my question – did he make my “butt” look good on both sides?! If not, he and I may need to chat. Maybe over a beer! LOL

I have pressure sores on my foot from the brace I started using for weight-bearing which isn’t good so we will have to watch that. I pray nothing comes from this.

I have fevers at night and we don’t know why.

PT is HARD. I keep telling my leg, knee, and foot to move, but there is very little movement. Some is better than none! Things need to be reconditioned and it won’t happen over night. I need to be kind to myself and know that it will happen!

The road will be long but that’s OK. I was terrified going into this surgery and I am glad it is behind me. No let’s get this rehab done!

Rory, thank you for being the most amazing daughter. I am sure it wasn’t easy for you to see me in pain, (or acting so bizarre) and in the hospital – again. You are the bravest person I know and I am blessed to have you as my daughter. Thank you for taking care of me. Hopefully, lucky number 21 will be the last surgery. I know it was hard for you to leave, but Livy needs her Momma.

Patty and Brad, thank you for rearraning your life to take care of Olivia so Julie could be with me. I needed her for this one.

As per usual, I have met new amazing nurses during this stay. Thank you Maria on Reisman 12 for taking such great care of me! I feel as though I have a new friend.  Kristen, you made my stay very comfortable! Thank you!

Caroline Torney – Reisman 12 is lucky to have you. You were the first nurse I had when I initially broke my leg… I knew back then that if everyone was as kind as you that I would always be in good hands. What a beautiful soul you are. Thank you for all that you do!

Dr. Guzman, thank you for visiting even though I wasn’t on your service. You are one of a kind.

Serena, what can I say? Thank you for holding my hand while they tried to get the IV’s in, for being there when I woke up, and for being the friend everyone wishes they have in life but few are lucky enough to actually have.

Kenny Lee – my sweet friend, you constantly keep me laughing. You stand tall in that Starbucks line! Thank you for the visits, ice cream, and your friendship. It is always great seeing your face! Love you the most! Boom!

Magen and Tiffany – you ladies are so sweet! Thank you for visiting and making sure I was being taken care of. Each and every hospital stay, Magen has visited and she no longer works at the hospital. Touches my heart!

My ah-mazing surgeons, Dr. Anderson and Dr. Iorio – THANK YOU for fixing me and never giving up hope. This journey has been long but I have always been under the best care. Blessed to have you both on my team. Ignore my “pleas” while under anesthesia!

Another highlight – one of the “Dream Team” residents, Bill, was the Chief Resident and I was under his care!! Thank you for being a great person, Bill. You are going to do great things in your career!

Thank you to all who have called, texted, and reached out to check on me. I sincerely appreciate your kindness.

I think surgeons and nurses should write a book about the stuff people say as they are coming out of anesthesia. It would be interesting! My oh my…

Will keep you posted on my progress.

Until next time, be well and go out and do a random act of kindness!



7 thoughts on “Apparently, I am quite the talker under anesthesia!

    1. Good luck with everything! I am very lucky to have met you and take care of you. I can’t wait to follow your progress, so keep posting! Hope Julie made it home safe. You two are the best 🙂


  1. So glad to hear how well you are doing after the procedure. If I ever need it I would want your team. Work hard on the PT. Best of luck to you.


  2. This makes me both laugh and cry! Laugh because you told the doctor he eats too much candy and you wanted to go get a beer with him! Cry because this has been such a long journey for you and Julie and you are almost there. And the relationship that you and Julie have is so special, bonds with friends that can be broken.


  3. Hi! I’m so sorry, I have been in Maine on vacation. Heading back to work tomorrow. I am so glad to hear that all is well. As far as rehab goes, YOU GOT THIS! You are so strong and have such a great attitude. I’m sure you will do well. KEEP UP THE HARD WORK. Please say hello to your family for me! Take care! 🙂


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