When things don’t go as planned…



Greetings, friends!

We had been waiting for my insurance to approve rehab – don’t even get me started on this because it is ridiculous that my insurance company would have any doubt that I need inpatient rehab. HELLO, I haven’t walked on this leg in TWO YEARS and FIVE MONTHS! Seriously?!

I digress…

It may have been a blessing that I was still in the hospital because things were not going according to plan. Physical therapy was going well – I have been weight-bearing! Say what?! (Which by the way, is such an odd feeling on this leg!)

Tuesday, after PT, there was some discharge from the wound site and fluid is present there.  My leg suffered extensive damage from the radiation I had many years ago, and as a result, the skin on that leg isn’t what it should/needs to be. It is a very sensitive area… to say the least.

So now the plan is to stop PT and I went home on Wednesday. I need to let the incision heal and start hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy again. Once the incision heals, I will then be able to go back to PT and work on walking again.

Who would have ever thought that I would be doing hyperbaric oxygen therapy again? At least this time I know what to expect and I get to see the awesome safety director, Connor, who administers the therapy to me. Connor is a kind soul who really cares about his patients, so I know I will be in great hands. He’s responsible for getting me hooked on the Bourne movies! (Hopefully there are new movies for me to watch!)

Hyperbaric provided such healing on my foot, that I am hopeful it will help with this incision. After my evaluation at hyperbaric yesterday, I had an ultrasound done to ensure there wasn’t a hematoma where the incision is leaking. No hematoma! It seems to be just fluid.

This may be a set back of sorts, but I am determined to stay motivated in my recovery! We can never give up! I will get to where I need to be. It may take a little longer, but I am OK with this.

Until next time, be well and go out and do a random act of kindness. Kindness is free people. For reals.



11 thoughts on “When things don’t go as planned…

  1. You are too funny! Making jokes even when things are testing your patience. Keep up that positive attitude girlfriend because that wound will be healed before you know it and I know you will be walking again soon! You are a strong badass and all your friends love you!


  2. Hey chick-a-roni,

    So, today I was going to whine about the 105 degree temp here in Texas……. really Teri!
    Because of your strength, hope and inspiration, I have learned to stop, think, and appreciate. I am a very lucky person who has nothing to complain about. Your are the strongest person I know and I am very blessed to have you as my friend. Love you

    P.S. Were I going to complain (which I’m not) it would surely be about my sagging boobs.
    Sagging boobs in 105 degree temperature sucks. Just sayin……

    Have a good day my friend, we will speak soon.


  3. You are certainly THE epitome of kindness, hope, patience, and strength. I only wish that I had half of your drive. Good luck and thanks for keeping us all posted on your journey.


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