Reaching goals & all that jazz…


Isn’t it a wonderful feeling when you reach a goal?

I know many people made resolutions in the new year and set goals for the year. That is awesome! Goals are both wonderful and frustrating. When you set a goal, it gives you something to work towards and often times lights the fire under you to say, hey, I can do this! Am I right?

Goals are a personal desire, either for what we want to accomplish, or perhaps overcome. Only you can decide which goal will lead to your success – as YOU define it. Others may think they know what the goal(s) should be, however, YOU are the one who needs to fulfill the goal, so make it what you want! Who can stop you?

The other side of that coin is the frustration that comes when you don’t reach the goal fast enough, or you have setbacks. I know all about setbacks, my friends. For so long, it seemed as though I would take 3 steps forward, only to then take 5 steps backwards. That feeling of, UGH, are you serious right now?, would hit me like a physical punch to the stomach.

I was in such a hurry to have my foot heal so we could move ahead with the big surgery that I would set unrealistic goals. It wasn’t because they were unobtainable. I just overlooked the fact that the body takes time to heal, and that sometimes things happen during that process which have nothing to do with achieving my goals (infection, failed surgery, etc.). Failing to recognize that left me feeling so defeated.

So I had a conversation with one of my surgeons, and I told him that we must stop putting a timeframe on when the big surgery would happen. Of course, I was the one putting timeframes on it, but I had to realize that by doing so, I wasn’t helping the process.

The surgery finally arrived and y’all know how awesome that turned out! YAY!

Fast forward to starting physical therapy. I decided that I would have an open mind and NOT set a hard and fast goal about when I would start walking again. Instead, I decided to let the process work and to remain patient. Celebrate the small steps that will ultimately get me to my goal, is the approach I took.

The first time I got on the NuStep bike, it didn’t even register my steps as I couldn’t bend my knee enough to make that happen. So each time I sat down at that bike, I told myself, I can do this. There will come a day when it will register my steps. I don’t know when that will be, but if I continue to do my exercises and believe in the process, it will happen. The goal is to have this darn bike register my steps.

Guess what folks? It DID happen!! This week at PT, for the first time, the bike registered my steps!!! I literally could not believe my eyes and probably looked and sounded like an idiot, because I was so happy that I couldn’t contain my excitement! (By the by, I can’t believe I only burned 13 calories when it seemed like I was working so hard!)


After weeks of getting on that bike and not seeing anything happen, one day it did. My heart is happy. My spirit is alive. Small steps. Progress. Reaching goals. Getting strong. Believing that I can and will do this.

Here’s the thing, my friends. Never give up. EVER. Even when you are having the crappiest of days and you are frustrated. Giving up is easy. Fighting to stay in the game is hard but in the end is worth it!

Keep fighting the good fight! You can do this. We can do this. Be patient and work your butt off!

What kind of goals have you set?

Until next time, go out and do a random act of kindness. Today. Tomorrow. Whenever. Just do it!





6 thoughts on “Reaching goals & all that jazz…

  1. Very happy for and proud of you. You are an inspiration for every one who follows your posts. Keep on pressing on you are a hero.


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