Let’s try this again. For the win. Seriously.


They do say that if at first you don’t succeed, try again. Right?

I had my follow-up appointment with my orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Anderson (love her) and she has given me the okay to get back to physical therapy. It will be limited to weight-bearing and really just “moving” more as I have strict hip precautions, but I will take it.

There is something about actually being in a rehab facility – working with an awesome PT – that makes me feel as though I can accomplish the goal of walking again. Perhaps that sounds silly, but in my mind, I think it makes me feel better.

When I saw my orthopedic surgeon, she said the hip is still in place and that I will continue to wear the brace. The general rule of thumb is to wear the brace for 3 months after dislocating your hip. That is fine by me as the brace provides stability and will hopefully prevent another dislocation.

With that being said, the brace has some disadvantages as well. It has created major swelling in my lower leg. There are times when the straps on my boot cannot close! Between not being able to elevate as I need to and being limited as to my range of motion, it has created this “crazytown” swelling.

When my doctor entered the exam room and took a look at my swollen leg, she immediately paged my vascular surgeon and they did an urgent ultrasound to check for a DVT. That was not pleasant at all! The technician had to apply so much pressure and the hip joint area was very sensitive. It felt very uncomfortable! After 30 or so minutes of trying to get images, the technician said he was having a difficult time ruling out a blood clot because the swelling was making it difficult, so he had two doctors come in to assist.

Thankfully there was no clot! They sent me to the physical therapy department so they could wrap my leg and I was able to go home. Now I must be vigilant about elevating as much as the brace allows, keeping the leg wrapped well, and I can start to use the lymphedema pump if I am very careful getting in and out of it. Later this month I start lymphedema therapy as well. Hopefully between that, elevating, wrapping, and getting back to PT, we can get this under control.

My doctor asked how I was handling everything and I was very honest and open and told her that the hip dislocation has left me very discouraged. I find myself being negative which I can’t stand. March 22nd will be THREE years since breaking my leg! Three years of ups and downs and setbacks. Three years of not driving, working, volunteering, blah blah blah. See! Right there – stating the negatives!

I have tried so hard to remain positive through these last three years and the stress it has put on my family. Trust me, it has put a tremendous amount of stress on them, to say the least. This makes me feel guilty even though I can’t control what has happened. My family and friends are a blessing and have gone above and beyond to help me so many times.

These setbacks steal a piece of my confidence and make my soul feel a little troubled and sad.

However – I will keep pushing through and I will lift my spirits! It is time to dust myself off and start again. Physical therapy – this time – this time it is for the win! Let’s do this!

Until next time, go out and do a random act of kindness. The recipient of that act of kindness will appreciate it.



6 thoughts on “Let’s try this again. For the win. Seriously.

  1. Miss Julie! You are one tough cookie and I am always amazed how positive and appreciative you are to everyone you come in contact with! I know all these setbacks have been so stressful and discouraging for you but never ever give up this tough fight! You have definitely had a hard long hard journey and have been tested so many times but look at all that you have gotten through and know you can and will get through the rest of this! You will walk again, you will work again , you will travel again, you will volunteer again and you will again enjoy all that life has to offer! Love you!!!!


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