Always be grateful!

IMG_5039….indeed it is!

Life isn’t always perfect but it sure is beautiful.

Life has been busy these last two months! No major updates to share. I am still working hard at physical therapy (obvi) and waiting for the custom compression garment to come in. The original one wasn’t made correctly so we had to send it back.

Let’s hope it comes back soon because my plastic surgeon is leaving Boston (gulp) so if this foot is going to open up, I would rather it happen BEFORE he leaves next month! However, I am going to be positive that the foot will be just fine and I can finally get out of this orthopedic boot.

Great news – I continue to make progress with physical therapy and my stubborn quad muscles are starting to wake up. Slowly. Very slowly, but I will take what I can get! Progress is progress, am I right?

Even more exciting, I have been able to spend time with my granddaughter, Olivia. It amazes me how quickly she is growing and learning. When I say she is smart, I mean she IS smart! And seriously, she is funny. Belly laughing funny. Liv reminds me that life is beautiful. It doesn’t matter if you are having good days or bad days, just be grateful to live this life.

I know we are getting into the holiday season where we are “reminded” to be thankful, but do we really need a holiday to remind us of that? Each day is a gift and I don’t know about you, but I am grateful for each and every day. The hard days make me stronger and the good days make me appreciate all that I have.

Some days I may struggle, but the struggle is part of my story.

What’s your story? What are you grateful for?

Until next time, be well and go out and do a random act of kindness.








6 thoughts on “Always be grateful!

  1. Happy for you. Your positive attitude is an inspiration. Glad to hear that things are progressing. I don’t know if I could maintain that positivity for this long. Stay strong. 👍😁


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