Greetings, friends!

Here we are at the end of another year. Where has the time gone? Is it just me, or is time going faster? Slow it down!

As I reflect on this year, I am reminded of how blessed I am. While the year didn’t start out well with my hip dislocation, and there have been many changes that have taken place, in the end, growth and peace comes when we learn to adapt to changes. There have been more positive changes and that is what I tend to focus on.

Change makes people bend or break and we see the whole of a person. Anger and bitterness can bring out a different side of a person, and it is truly sad to witness. Other times, change brings out the best in a person and that is beautiful. We all know the saying; change is the only constant. Even when it can be difficult to accept change, we should learn to accept it and carry on with dignity and grace.

Speaking of change, my insurance has changed and I am forced to take some time off from physical therapy. This change doesn’t make me happy, however, I will continue to work hard on my own, using the tools that I have learned until I can return to PT in March. The “on my own” part is scary as there are things that I simply can’t do on my own, but I refuse to let that slow me down. I have worked too hard and have made so much progress that I will find ways to work around obstacles in my way.

My physical and occupational therapists are these kind and beautiful women and I am grateful they have become my friends. After working side by side for a year, they are my cheerleaders. They push me forward and keep me going.

Anita is this funny, kind, and caring physical therapist. She and I have had many heart to heart conversations and I always leave our conversations feeling better and more confident. Bless her for putting up with my endless questions – what about/how come/do you think…. Anita has worked so hard with me which is no easy task with a leg that at times will not cooperate and feels like it weighs a ton. You are the best, Anita! If you need a PT, she’s who you want in your corner.

Amy is an occupational therapist who is full of energy and life and is someone who always has a smile on her face. She is always thinking of different ways to motivate you so the task at hand seems fun. Lisa is an occupational therapist who is just the kindest soul. She has this quiet strength about her and she makes you feel confident and cared about. (As a side note, Amy and Lisa started Work Your Motor which is a program designed to assist people who have suffered a neurological disorder so they can continue therapy at home. You should check out their site!

Thank you Anita, Amy and Lisa for all you do, each and every day for your patients. You make a huge difference in our lives!

                   IMG_0098        IMG_0099

The awesome part of being forced to take time off from therapy is that I will be able to spend eight weeks with my daughter and granddaughter. There is nothing that makes me happier! Bring on the laughs, snuggles and love!!!

What is it about starting a new year that seems to rejuvenate our spirit? Is it the goals we set for the year? Is it the feeling of hope of what is yet to come? Is it simply getting out a new calendar with 365 days set before us?

With each new year, many people make resolutions, however, I do not as I feel I should be living my best life each day. Life is precious and I don’t want waste days. Do you make resolutions, and if so, what are they? C’mon, share with us!

Thanks for the lessons and the memories 2017. This has been a year of growth. For the first time in almost four years, I took first steps on my own, without my crutches; first time in almost four years that I had only ONE hospital stay; and the first time in almost four years where I am able to get into a compression garment! It has also been a year that has taught me that I need to be more compassionate and understanding. Not every story is what it appears to be. People make mistakes because we are human. The real lesson is in forgiveness. When we have the ability to forgive, it allows us to move forward. When we fall down, the only thing that matters is that we get back up and keep going.

 I look forward to seeing what I can accomplish in 2018. Hopefully I can spend more time with my family, stay healthy, be a little kinder, get a little stronger, help others when I am able, and inspire others.

Wishing you and yours a healthy and happy new year.


Until next time, be well and go out and do a random act of kindness.



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