Be strong, be confident, be fearless … and know that it’s okay to worry along they way.


Greetings, friends. Hope this finds you well!

I have some new followers and women who have reached out who are incarcerated and looking for a little dose of inspiration. Welcome to my blog! The intention is to keep folks updated with my progress and spread a little inspiration, hope, and kindness. Hopefully when you read my blog, it will do just that.

New things are taking place that are both exciting and scary!!

My lymphedema/occupational therapist is tireless is finding what will work so that I can get out of my leg wraps and get into a compression garment that will control the swelling from lymphedema and garments that I have the ability to get on and off by myself.

Let me just say – this has not been an easy task! As you know, I have limited flexion in my knee and I have a hip restriction which makes handling these compression garments challenging to say the least. After trying several garments, we may have found a solution! You’re thinking, REALLY?!

Yes, my friends, I started wearing a hybrid sock (below) that has compression in the foot through the ankle and I have a second garment (below) that I wear to control the swelling in the leg. Both of these items I can get on and off by myself, using my OT tools!!


It is always scary to try new items because my foot is so sensitive and fragile from my surgeries. I have an internal battle with myself where I have to calm my fears of my foot opening up again. Trying things that may work is scary, but I have to move forward as I need to get out of this orthopedic boot and into a shoe.

It’s been a few days, and so far everything is fine. I always feel like I am jinxing myself by sharing news like this, but if I want to share my experience in the hope of inspiring others, I need to talk about it.

After 4-6 weeks of wearing these garments with no issues (foot opening up, infection, etc.) I will transition out of my boot and back into a sneaker. A SNEAKER! It has been 4 years since a shoe has been on this foot. How crazy is that?! So while I am extremely nervous, we move forward and what will be, will be.

If I don’t try new things, how will I know if they will work? Fear cannot stand in the way of my progress. I need to remain confident that things will work out.

In addition to this, my best friend made me aware of a knee brace that may help get some flexion back in my knee. She (best friend) is a physical therapy assistant and heard of this knee brace so I sent it to my orthopedic surgeon who said it is okay to try it!

That’s the thing – you have to be your own advocate and find things that will improve your situation. By talking to others and reaching out to say hey, do you know of x, y, and/or z, you may just be surprised in what you find.

This knee brace looks daunting but I am up for trying it. Right now, I can’t drive as I don’t have enough bend in my knee to clear the driver’s side door. Trust me, I am scared to try it but I can’t hold back. I need to get my knee to bend more. Right now, my knee is locked at 50 degrees which is a problem!


While I am scared with the changes we are making and new things we are trying, I am also hopeful and confident that these things will improve my overall health and that I am closer to reaching my goals.

Regardless of what obstacles you are up against, be confident in your decision to trying new avenues that will help you reach your goals. If we aren’t trying to better ourselves, our situation, or our environment, we will never be successful. I don’t know about you, but life is too short and too precious to be in a place you don’t want to be.

Find the courage to move forward and make your life as beautiful as it can be.

Until next time, be well and go out and do a random act of kindness.