It’s official…Aug. 3rd it is!


Greetings, friends!

Drum roll please…

The results from the aspiration were positive! Well, negative actually… No bacteria or infection were found so we now move on to the big surgery which is scheduled for August 3rd!

Almost two years and five months since breaking my leg, we are finally ready to fix this hip and leg.

So much has happened since that fateful day in March 2014. Twenty surgeries to date; too many hospital stays to count; two wound vacs; two PICC lines; becoming disabled and much more.

While this has been a trying time to say the least, it has also been filled with many valuable lessons; new friendships; much kindness; and a whole lot of love and support. So many people have touched my heart in a very big way and my hope is that they realize how much I appreciate their kindness.


Inspiration. Hope. Kindness. That is what this blog is about and that is what I have experienced. I am inspired by the wonderful folks I have in my life. I would never give up hope. Such kindness has been shown to me. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

In an odd way, breaking my leg was a blessing in disguise as we now know that I have peripheral vascular disease and we have been able to control this. Just last week, after two years, I was able to come off the blood thinners! Progress!

I will have vascular studies again in October, and as long as the two stents still look fine and the blood is flowing, I can remain off the blood thinners.

It was scary, especially in the beginning; I went into the hospital with a broken leg, on no medications and came home with rods and screws in my leg; stents in my leg; and on several medications.

I remember asking my daughter if she would go to the store and get me one of those pill boxes. Her response was priceless when she said, “Momma, I wanted to suggest that but I didn’t want to offend you!” It was overwhelming and I did what I could to keep things organized.

So… August 3rd. That’s the day. The day when I have the hip/joint replacement and megaprothesis of the femur.

The day when I begin the journey to learn how to walk again. The day that will hopefully help me get my life back. It won’t be easy, but I am up for the challenge.

I just hope this surgery is a success and has long-lasting affects.

I am blessed that my daughter, Julie, will be with me. I always feel for her, waiting while I am in surgery. It must be difficult for her to sit there, waiting. Waiting for the doctors to come out of the operating room to let her know how surgery went.

I love you, Julie! You will always be the brightest star in my sky. Gilmore Girls for life!

Rehab will be…intense. I am up for the challenge! I plan on putting everything I have into rehab because I will get back on my feet! It may take a while, but I am a patient person…clearly!

As a dear friend of mine said, “Let’s do this!”

I have a favor to ask of you… on August 3rd, I would like  you to go out and do a random act of kindness. Respond back with a simple, “done” so I can smile, knowing on this beautiful day, we are changing lives, one random act of kindness at a time.


Please keep me and my daughter in your thoughts and prayers.

Until next time…